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Pure Canadian White Honey
  • 500g: $6.00
  • 1kg: $10.00
  • 3kg: $28.50
  • 5kg: $47.50
  • 7kg: $65.50
Buckwheat Honey
  • 1kg: $10
Bygarski's Honey Farm one kilogram container

Pure Canadian White Honey

1kg New Container: $10.00

1kg Customer Cont.: $9.50

Bygarski's Honey Farm five hundred gram container

Pure Canadian White Honey

500g New Container: $6.00

500g Customer Cont.: $5.50

Bygarski's Honey Farm three, five, and seven kilogram containers

Pure Canadian White Honey

3kg New Container.: $28.00
3kg Customer Cont.: $27.00

5kg New Container: $47.00
5kg Customer Cont.: $45.00

7kg New Container: $65.00
7kg Customer Cont.: $63.00

Bygarski's Honey Farm 1 kilogram buckwheat honey containers

Buckwheat Honey

1kg: $14

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We all know that honey tastes great, but are we all aware of the other benefits of natural honey? Honey is a natural source of a wide range of Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and natural energy. As well, researchers are discovering that having honey in your diet can help you stay healthier and fight disease.


Made by the industrious bees of the prairies, beeswax has a sweet, natural fragrance that helps freshen any room simply by warming it up. Over a period of time a dull film will cover beeswax articles. It is called “bloom” and is a sign of the purity of the wax. Bloom is easily removed by lightly buffing the beeswax with a soft cloth or carefully applying warm air with a hair dryer.

Purchase beeswax for $8.00 per pound