Our humble beginning

From the memoirs of Isabel Bygarski Borrowed equipment from Earl Bridgeman and ran 5 hives in a field east of the Mental Hospital (now Assiniboine Community College North Hill Campus). We would parked the car at the bottom of the hill and walked up the hill and across the field to get to the hives. When Bill went to check the hives he took us all with him; kids and dog — a real family outing. I got my first sting in this yard. I got tangled up in the barb-wire fence that was around the hives and while trying to disengage myself from a barb an angry bee let me have it on my finger. I really was not to happy at this point. It hurt!! (I should have made my escape then.) That was my initiation into beekeeping. We bought three hives throughout the season and extracted 110lbs of honey. Our first honey crop. Bill is hooked!

In 1970, Bill Sr. and Isabel purchased the land NW17-9-19W. They moved an old garage out from Brandon which became the honey house. That summer, Bill Sr. and Isabel operated 75 hives. and Bygarski's Honey Farm was up and running. In '76 the honey house was registered as packer grade. Six years later, Bill Jr. and wife, Valerie bought their first bees and became part owners in the business.

By 1997, Bill Sr. and Isabel were looking to slow down and enjoy the empire they had built. Bill Jr. and Valerie bought majority of the business. Bill Sr. retained 50 colonies and continued to help around the farm with packing. In 2013, Bill Jr. and Valerie bought the remainder of the colonies and became full owners of the business.